Monthly Archives: March 2008

free cartograms

I’m quite interested in cartograms, and my thesis — for which I begin user testing this week — concerns their effectiveness across varying designs. Cartograms have never been easy to make, and until recently were largely produced only in university computer science or cartography departments. Now, though, a few applications manage to free [...]

world freedom atlas: how to hide your best work

I’ve been very happy with the response to my World Freedom Atlas. But I’ve felt since early on that some of its coolest functionality may be hidden behind an overly minimal interface. And it desperately needs a help system.
Take the bivariate choropleth view and legend. This ability to compare two governance-related variables, [...]

hitTestPoint vs. insidePolygon

update: After trying the below method with highly detailed, dynamically stored polygonal data, I now realize that hitTestPoint is MUCH more efficient. Therefore, the below should only be used with very simple (like less than 20 points) polygons. Hopefully it’s still of interest, though!

When creating dynamic Flash dot density maps (see my wiscMapper), [...]